Countdown to next EU funding deadline for literary translation projects

Writers Svetlana Makarovič, Tone Škrjanec, Žana Pekovskaja, Brane Mozetič and Jana Putrle in Moscow, on a trip sponsored by the Centre for Slovenian Literature, September 2009.


Yesterday’s newsletter reminded me that the deadline for the next round of EU funding for literary translation projects is 3 February 2012. Just a little over a month away. If you’re a publisher that means it’s time to finalise your next book series of literary translations and consider including the translation of a Slovene author in the midst. Not sure who to choose? Look to literature categories for help. How? Browse a few of the book publishers and see who has been published recently on the Beletrina series by Študentska založba Publishing House featuring works by Slovene authors such as Aleš Čar, Goran Vojnovič (his 2011 novel Jugoslavija, moja dežela [Yugoslavia, My Homeland] has already sold out its first print-run), Mojca Kumerdej, Nina Kokelj … or the Piramida series by Litera Publishing House featuring awarding-winning authors such as Peter Rezman, Štefan Kardoš, Milan Kleč and Iztok Osojnik. Or see who has been recently funded by the Slovenian Book Agency. Or check out the recent winners of some of the 21 literary awards awarded in Slovenia, such as the national Prešeren Award and Prešeren Foundation Awards, the Jenko Award for the best poetry collection, or the Golden Bird Award for young innovative artists.

If you prefer to connect with writers, poets and publishers in person, then consider a trip to Slovenia during one of its many literary festivals, such as the Days of Poetry and Wine Festival, where not only poetry is sampled, but wine tasting is also on the agenda. Or the Fabula Festival of Stories which brings world literary figures to the streets of Ljubljana to mix and mingle with the local literati and book-loving public. Or the Pranger Festival and its annual meeting of poets, critics and poetry translators who aim to bring more literature and especially poetry to the public, through readings, discussions and other events.

Portraits of authors by Borut Kranjc installed along the Ljubljanica River, Fabula Festival of Stories 2010

Another type of event worth mentioning are translation workshops such as the international Translation Workshop Zlati Čoln (Golden Boat), now in its 8th year, sponsored by the Literary Association IA and the Polica Dubova Cultural and Artistic Association, and the translation workshops offered by the Centre for Slovenian Literature at the Living Literature Festival organised by ŠKUC Association.

This method of finding contacts, however, might make it hard to apply for funding on the upcoming February 2012 deadline, since most of these events take place later in the year. But don’t fear, there’s still one more deadline for the Culture Programme (2007-2013) in 2013.

To help you visualise the when, what and where of the upcoming Slovene festival calendar, be sure to check out our new infographic of Festivals in Slovenia in 2012, to help you plan your trip.

Until then, wishing you a Happy New Year!

Jana Renee Wilcoxen

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