Smart Creativity, Smart Democracy


The old-school democracy is gone and the role of culture in our societies is “under construction“. The migration of art, culture and heritage to a digital environment has become universal and omnipresent. Cultural workers, institutions and producers have to cope with a new realm where commercial algorithms, cookie directive, privatisation of cultural databases, copyright issues, and such shape a great deal of their scope.

The 2nd Council of Europe Platform Exchange on Culture and Digitisation will take place on Saturday, 5 September 2015 during the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz. The conference will challenge the technocratic view on digitised culture and promote the concept of “Internet of Citizens“.

One of the speakers at the innovators’ panel will be Luka Frelih from the Ljudmila Art & Science Laboratory in Ljubljana. The team has developed the & Kulturnik portals for the Slovenian Ministry of Culture. They are based on open source platforms, open licences and interoperability. Luka will share our experience and will dare to propose a concrete, paneuropean project. Stay tuned!

Alenka Pirman


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