The festival quest, 2016

Some days ago, the winter still trembling in its last dying breaths, a editor embarked on a daring quest, one that led him to many a desolate corner of the World Wide Web. He went to gather the dates of the internationally-minded festivals due to happen in Slovenia in 2016.

All sorts of forgotten Facebook accounts and deserted web pages he met on his way, many of them frozen in motion, looking as if their maintainers had just left to get some coffee, but had never returned. Lifelessly, they now haunt the vast scrapyards of the Internet. The editor clicked onwards, his search leading him through the thick reeds of godforsaken tweets, desperately produced on a daily basis only to be spat out into nothingness. Occasionally he was getting swept into feeds of not really funny memes, shared by those quirky, mutant festival Facebook pages, hopelessly entangled with the shady tastes of the real people behind them. The editor thought sunny thoughts, gathered what data he could, and moved on, too often passing those unfortunate, no longer existing websites, kidnapped by adventurous Chinese enterprises that find stealing expired domains from obscure Slovenian festivals a somehow viable (if certainly very cyberpunk) economic activity.

Yet, the editor persisted.

He also searched amongst some more serious, well-groomed festival websites, whose design can be charmingly attractive. Luring him into their interactive environment, they choked his CPU with flash and interactivity. He scanned one site in particular, noticing the well-crafted logo, yet, found no date. Optimistically, he clicked the “About” section. Lots of introductory, well-conceived wisdom was contained there. He read it, possibly the only visitor of the site ever to venture that far. Still no date. He visited the “Programme” page. Alas, no date. But deeper and deeper he went, his trust in the producers carrying him forward … 

And voilà – harvested by either phone, mail or the social nets – here it is. The grand, reasonably comprehensive interactive infographic with dates, links and introductory articles of the upcoming festivals in Slovenia for the year 2016.



Anže Zorman

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