Brothers in digital arms

Open Archival Information System (OAIS)

In 2011 the European Commission released the Recommendation on the digitisation and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation. It has been calculated that the reuse of such cultural wealth will optimise “economic growth, job creation and the quality of life of European citizens.” Slovene Ministry of Culture has used this opportunity to mobilise the experts in order to identify the issues … Continue reading

Cultural Industries in Slovenia (2007)


A text from the archive! It was compiled by Helena Pivec in 2007 for the 2nd edition of the Slovenia Cultural Profile to introduce the emerging field of cultural industries in Slovenia. Six years later we decided to republish it on our blog to reintroduce the subject. Please, note that in this article the data is not updated and that … Continue reading

Conference of European Ministers of Culture


“Everybody should have access to culture and participate in cultural life.”* On 15 and 16 April the representatives of the European cultural ministries have gathered in the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow to participate at the 10th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Culture. As Peter Inkei from Budapest Observatory remarks, not so long ago “the western democracies (they were the only members of … Continue reading flyers available!

csi flyer front

The new flyers are out! Designed by Atelje.Balant, who has provided also the portal’s layout, they are available for distribution. Please, let us know if you’d like some! Can you recognise the images behind each CULTURE.SI letter? All nine of them were taken from our free images collection: C = Laibach, documentation from shopping mall performance action Einkauf, 2003 (Photo by … Continue reading