Evolution of cultural monuments in Trbovlje: Contemporary currents from the Black and Red, Industrial Legacy.

Publicity photo of Nikola Tesla sitting in his laboratory in Colorado Springs in December 1899. Photo was taken by Dickenson V. Alley, photographer at Century Magazines. Wikimedia commons, public domain.

Featuring Benjamin Kreže, Laibach (obviously), Speculum Artium, and a cameo appearance by Nikola Tesla It seems I haven’t finished thinking about Slovenia’s Black region, I find myself thinking again about the industrial legacy of Trbovlje and some of it’s contemporary cultural forms.   A deep narrow river valley just outside the small industrial town of Trbovlje is dominated by Trboveljski dimnik … Continue reading

Red sky at dawning: winter mornings, passing storms and the ethics of self representation

winter_who am I

    I have just got back from a crazy couple of weeks in Sarajevo at the annual International Festival Sarajevo, Sarajevska Zima  which is in full swing and will run until the end of March. I arrived the day after a snow storm that made international news as the biggest snowfall in a hundred years. There were reports of busloads … Continue reading

Dreaming of hot metal: where industry and cultural history meet

Monument showing iron forgers at work, situated in the center of Kropa, a village in the community of Radovljica, Gorenjska, Slovenia. Photographer: Johann Jaritz, Wikimedia under GNU free documentation  license

    I was sharing a beer with a friend recently and she introduced me to a nice guy from Trbovlje who had spent 10 years working underground in the mines there. The conversation re-stirred an ongoing curiosity I have about technological heritage.  My own family history includes generations of underground miners in the North of England (for 500 years my people were troglodytes and metal … Continue reading

Documentary photography is alive and well in Slovenia, and forging active international links

portrait #2, Kajuhova series, Tomaz Crnej, 2011

  Fotopub have already announced the dates for the 2012 Festival of Documentary Photography which will be linked to the European Capital of Culture programme in Maribor. Opening week 23 -28 of July 2012, so mark that in your calendar (or just remember to check your copy of the Culture.si 2012 festival infographic…).   Every year since 2000 Fotopub has run successful … Continue reading

Browsing the funding opportunities, profile: Artslink Awards


This week I decided to check out some of the international funding links and possibilities on Culture.si. From my point of view as a migrant worker without permanent residence (the euphemism in artspeak is ‘nomadic art practitioner’, but a couple of cheeky friends call me Kiwi Gastarbeiter) there are of course many Slovene institutional funds that are unavailable to me. … Continue reading

Strategies for art and life: sit down for a cup of tea

Supper with the Artist, TOMISLAV BRAJNOVIC, Studio Golo Brdo, Croatia

  Because I’m a visual artist one of the the first things I did on the portal was browse the visual arts section, looking for visual arts exhibition organisers … there are 52 different organisations listed there. While browsing I found the article about the Conceptual Art Center Bukovje and became intrigued by their philosophy of exploring alternative economies. In less than … Continue reading

So we begin with the new culture.si blogspace and news stream!.. welcome.

introducing Ali Bramwell

Dear reader, So we begin with the new culture.si blogspace and news stream!.. welcome.   To introduce myself to you, my name is Ali Bramwell I am an artist /etcetera (writer, arts administrator, curator, educator, fundraiser and other varied roles in the culture field over time) from New Zealand.  I came here to do a residency in Celje during the … Continue reading