Slovenes, Croatians, Archives and National Interest

Rogatec, 1903, held at the Historical Archive Celje. Collection of postcards

A colleague from the archives confided to me over coffee that she never had and never could cheer for Croatia. I remember this statement well it was this summer when Croatia was eliminated from the European Football Championship. Although they definitely deserved the bit of luck needed to advance, many a Slovene only smiled smugly. A similar situation, only the … Continue reading

Translation issues: communication barriers and strategy in mixed language situations


  I arrived in Ljubljana in March of this year as a guest of the Eclectic Tech Carnival 2012  which was held in Metelkova, Ljubljana, in the context of the annual International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns. To my great delight, the first evening I was taken to visit Ljudmila, where the Ljubljana Theremidi orchestra was practicing. For someone … Continue reading