Realignments on the festival landscape


A few days ago the National Council for Culture (an independent counselling body for issues of culture, curiously abbreviated as NSK) organised a public session under the rather sweeping heading of “Slovene festivals in the context of Slovene culture and the national and local tourism strategies”. Considering some potentially important strategic documents on culture and tourism currently being drafted, the meeting seemed timely. Timely ‒ yet also quite ambitious considering … Continue reading

The festival quest, 2016


Some days ago, the winter still trembling in its last dying breaths, a editor embarked on a daring quest, one that led him to many a desolate corner of the World Wide Web. He went to gather the dates of the internationally-minded festivals due to happen in Slovenia in 2016. All sorts of forgotten Facebook accounts and deserted web pages he met on his way, many of … Continue reading

Come autumn, the festival fever subsides


According to the interactive infographic on how Slovenian festivals are dispersed throughout the year, we can now make a rather qualified announcement that the festive season is (finally) about to be over. Culture is once again blissfully sliding into the blandness of the everyday, and most of the 217 active festivals in our database have already happened for 2015. Also, the … Continue reading