Countdown to next EU funding deadline for literary translation projects

Writers Svetlana Makarovič, Tone Škrjanec, Žana Pekovskaja, Brane Mozetič and Jana Putrle in Moscow, Centre for Slovenian Literature, September 2009

  Yesterday’s newsletter reminded me that the deadline for the next round of EU funding for literary translation projects is 3 February 2012. Just a little over a month away. If you’re a publisher that means it’s time to finalise your next book series of literary translations and consider including the translation of a Slovene author in the midst. … Continue reading

Browsing the funding opportunities, profile: Artslink Awards


This week I decided to check out some of the international funding links and possibilities on From my point of view as a migrant worker without permanent residence (the euphemism in artspeak is ‘nomadic art practitioner’, but a couple of cheeky friends call me Kiwi Gastarbeiter) there are of course many Slovene institutional funds that are unavailable to me. … Continue reading