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Worldwide events in 2011 for Animation

    • 7 October to 16 October 2011
      Greetings from Cartoonia! comic art exhibition with participants: Andrej Stular,Marko Kociper, Katerina Mirović and Boris Dolenc (Stripburger in Motion animation), conceived by Stripburger team, organised by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana at the Anim'est, International Festival of Animated Film Bucharest at Jumatatea Plina Library in Bucharest, Romania
      programme organiser
    • 31 May to 5 June 2011
      Educational programme Slon at the Animafest Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia
      programme organiser
    • 11 May to 22 May 2011
      Koyaa Extraordinary by Kolja Saksida (ZVVIKS Production), Stripburger in Motion by Boris Dolenc (Forum Ljubljana) and Everyday is not the same by Martin Turk presented at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes, France
    • 2 May to 31 May 2011
      Greetings from Cartoonia! comic art exhibition conceived by Strip Core (cf. Stripburger, presented by the editor David Krančan with the guest Matusz Skutnik (PL). Accompanying programme: screenings of Matej Lavrenčič's and Andrej Štular's animation, a concert by Domen Finžgar and Liquidation band, coproduced by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana, at La Zone Cultural centre in Liege, Belgium
    • 2 May to 7 May 2011
      Selected Slovene and East European animated films from the Animateka International Animated Film Festival at Metropolis Art Cinema in Beirut, Lebanon
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