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Events in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2011

    • 7 October 2011
      Tadej Golob, Peter Rezman and Damijan Šinigoj present their prose, moderated by Ahmed Burić, co-organised by Goga Publishing House at Art Kino Kriterion in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • 4 October 2011
      Ernst Lubitsch's When I was dead, directed by Diego de Brea, produced by Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana presented at 51th International Theatre Festival MES in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • 22 July to 30 July 2011
      Slovenian films by Nejc Gazvoda (competition feature films), Blaž Kutin and Martin Turk (short films), Maja Weiss (competition documentaries), Vlado Škafar (In Focus section) and Miha Hočevar (TeenArena section), while the Slovenian Film Centre presents its activities in the Regional Forum at the Sarajevo Film Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
      programme organiser
    • 23 June 2011
      Culture (2007-2013) programme Infoday with the participation of Cultural Contact Point Slovenia in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • 27 May to 30 October 2011
      1st TIME MACHINE Biennial of Contemporary Art with the participation of Marko Peljhan and Tobias Putrih at D-0 ARK Underground in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • 11 May to 18 May 2011
      Readings by Barbara Pogačnik, Stanka Hrastelj, Boris A. Novak, Josip Osti, Ismet Bekrić and music programme byVlado Kreslin at the Sarajevski dani poezije in Mostar, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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