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Worldwide events in 2012 for Archives

    • 7 October to 11 October 2012
      Workshop on feminist archival methods by Red Min(e)d at the conference The Many Archives in Vienna, Austria
    • 2 June 2012
      Archive as Strategy: Conversations about Self-historicisation across the East Symposium – East Art Map: History is Not Given. Please Help to Construct It - related to the IRWIN – Time for a New State / NSK – Folk Art exhibition at University College London in London, United Kingdom
    • 18 May to 20 May 2012
      GAMA archives presentation with Maja Smrekar's six video works
      Repeating Coincidence at the International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media in Athens, Greece
      programme organiser
    • 23 April 2012
      DIVA Station digital video archive project by SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts presentation at Art History Department - Faculty of Philosophy in Split, Croatia
    • 5 March to 21 March 2012
      Winter: from fear to joy curated by Bojan Batagelj, Historical Archives of Celje, in cooperation with Historical Archives Sarajevo at Historical Museum Sarajevo in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • 26 January to 27 February 2012
      Cities and towns along the Croatian-Steiermark border, SIHeR project in collaboration with Historical Archives Ptuj, Regional Archives Maribor and Historical Archives Celje at State Archive Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia
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