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Events in France in 2012 for Literature

    • 30 November 2012
      A literary evening and a discussion with Boris Pahor and Stéphane Hessel, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Paris, at Maison de l’Amérique Latine in Paris, France
    • 29 November 2012
      Discussion with Brina Svit in the framework of literary meetings Ils écrivent les frontiere, they write in English. They write from the borders at National Library of France in Paris, France
    • 13 June to 14 June 2012
      A presentation of Slovene poetry by Katja Perat, Aleš Šteger and Miha Pintarič, co-organised by Antenne slovène de la Maison de la Poésie - Hiša slovenske poezije at Paris and Marché de la poésie, Pen Club Français in Paris, France
    • 8 June to 29 June 2012
      An exhibition by Stripburger (Matej Stupica, Jakob Klemenčič and David Krančan) and a comic book/music jam session (15 June 2012), coproduced by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana, at MJC Lillebonne in Nancy, France
    • 23 May 2012
      A cultural evening with Maja Gal Štromar, co-organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Paris at Atelier parisien de langues et de cultures slaves Paris in Paris, France
    • 23 March to 24 March 2012
      A tribute to Slovenian and Triestian literature by 2011 European prize for literature winning Drago Jančar, 2011 Translation grant winning Andrée Lück-Gaye, Boris Pahor and Boris A. Novak participating at the Translate Europe, European Festival of Literature Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France organiser more
    • 13 March 2012
      Slovene literary evening with Drago Jančar, Andree Lück-Gaye (translator of his novels), Zoran Predin and Mitja Čander, co-organised by the Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012 and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Paris at Maison de l’Europe de Paris in Paris, France
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