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Events in Croatia in 2012 for Music

    • 22 August to 25 August 2012
      The Frictions and Incurabili at the 16th Art and Music Festival in Pula, Croatia
    • 19 August 2012
      Renata Bauer (Academy of Music) presents Spanish Baroque composers at the 2nd Petar Nakić Organ Festival in Rab, Croatia
    • 7 August to 9 August 2012
      The Toronto Drug Bust at the Terraneo Festival 2012 in Šibenik, Croatia
    • 25 July 2012
      Flutist Cveto Kobal and pianist Jakša Zlatar (Croatia) at the Novi Vinodolski International Classic Music Festival 2012 in Novi Vinodolski, Croatia
    • 22 July 2012
      SAD SAM /ALMOST 6/ by Matija Ferlin, produced by Emanat Institute and Off-beat by Milan Tomašik, produced by the Muzeum Institute and co-produced by Dance Theatre Ljubljana and B-51 Cultural Society, at the 13th Festival of Dance and Non-verbal Theatre in Svetvinčenat, Croatia
    • 10 July to 25 August 2012
      The Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra; Sophocles's Oedipus the King directed by Eduard Miler; Divine Comedy, choreographed by Edward Clug, music by Milko Lazar and Borut Kržišnik, costumes by Maja Mirković; and Euripides's Medea, directed by Tomaž Pandur (Pandur.Theaters), at the 63rd Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Dubrovnik, Croatia
    • 2 June 2012
      A concert by Noctiferia at Metalfest Open Air Croatia at Puntamika in Zadar, Croatia
    • 25 May 2012
      A concert by Torul at the Small Urban Festival at Outside Club SKWHAT in Sisak, Croatia
    • 21 April to 5 May 2012
      In-Sane tour in Zagreb, Obrassano, Barberaz, Tours, Langenau, Swinoujscie, Poznan, Szczytno and Lipovo in Croatia
    • 14 April to 20 April 2012
      Nikki Louder tour in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Zagreb and Koprivnica in Croatia
    • 15 March to 18 March 2012
      Slovene films That Day of the Week (re Big Foot Mama), In the year of hip hop and Goat will recover by Luksuz Production‎ at the DORF - Documentary Rock Film Festival in Rijeka, Croatia
    • 11 February to 12 February 2012
      Zoran Predin in Matija Dedić present their album Tragovi u sjeti at Arsenal in Zadar, Croatia
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