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Events in Macedonia in 2012

    • 17 November 2012
      We Come In Peace concert tour by Laibach, at Скопски саем in Skopje, Macedonia
    • 15 November 2012
      Shanghai Gypsy by Marko Naberšnik at the International Film Festival Cinedays in Skopje, Macedonia
    • 1 October 2012
      Jure Novak’s Reasons to Be Happy, produced by Glej Theatre, at Impact – International Festival of Performing Arts at J.H.K.Dzinot Theatre in Veles, Macedonia
    • 26 September 2012
      Mephisto, produced by Mladinsko Theatre at the International Theatre Festival MOT Skopje in Skopje, Macedonia
    • 12 September 2012
      SHIFT THEATRE II. Source Image. Library of Letters: Walk by Barbara Novakovič, produced by Muzeum Institute, co-produced by B-51 Cultural Society at the 20th Risto Shishkov Festival of Chamber Theatre in Strumica, Macedonia
    • 9 August to 12 August 2012
      P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute, a partner of the AKTO Festival for Contemporary Arts, presenting an exhibition at the festival as part of the project Listening to the Audience (Tadej Pogačar and Uroš Legen) in Bitola, Macedonia
    • 7 August to 9 August 2012
      Thumbelina by Hans Christian Andersen, directed by Robert Waltl and co-produced by Mini Theatre, Forum Ljubljana and Cankarjev dom at the 2nd International Children Theatre Festival Bitolino in Bitola, Macedonia
    • 4 August 2012
      A concert by Perpetuum Jazzile at the Ohrid Summer Festival 2012 at Antique Theatre in Ohrid, Macedonia
    • 26 July 2012
      The Pot of Gold by Titus Maccius Plautus, co-produced by Ptuj City Theatre at the BIT Fest 2012 in Bitola, Macedonia
    • 25 July 2012
      The Pot of Gold by Titus Maccius Plautus, co-produced by Ptuj City Theatre at the Antique Drama Festival Stobi in Gradsko, Macedonia
    • 10 July 2012
      The Case of Inge M. by Heiner Müller, produced by ŠKUC Theatre at the International Theatre Festival - Actor of Europe in Resen, Macedonia
    • 8 February to 24 February 2012
      Month of Slovenian Culture in Macedonia - Prešeren's Day, co-organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Skopje, featuring Dane Zajc poetry reading, film screenings, stand-up comedy and concerts in Skopje and Bitola in Macedonia
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