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Events in Russia in 2012

    • 2 November to 6 November 2012
      Thumbelina and Snow White by Mini Theatre, and Attention Moose! and Happy Bones by Teatro matita at the International Festival of Puppet Theatre Moscow in Moscow, Russia
      programme organiser
    • 20 August to 23 August 2012
      A series of lectures by Slavoj Žižek and Mladen Dolar in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia
    • 7 July 2012
      A Night Too Young, a film directed by Olmo Omerzu, at VOICES at the Voices, Vologda Independent Cinema from European Screens Festival at Salut cinema in Vologda, Russia
      programme organiser
    • 25 May to 28 May 2012
      Organ concerts by Dalibor Miklavčič and masterclasses at Moscow State Conservatory in Moscow, Russia
    • 24 May 2012
      A concert by Benjamin Izmajlov and Manca Izmajlova with the Russia State Symphony Orchestra of the Cinematography at Moscow Philharmonic in Moscow, Russia
    • 21 May to 28 May 2012
      Postgravity Art, an informance by Dragan Živadinov, Miha Turšič and Dunja Zupančič (Noordung Cosmokinetic Cabinet) at the Media Festival Platform Moscow at Vinzavod in Moscow, Russia
      programme organiser
    • 16 May to 19 May 2012
      Milan Jesih and Vlado Žabot reading at the International Festival of Slavic Poetry Tver in Tver, Russia more
    • 30 March to 9 May 2012
      Jane Štravs at the Photobiennale 2012 Moscow, organised by Galerija Fotografija at Moscow House of Photography in Moscow, Russia
    • 12 March 2012
      Carmina Slovenica performs at Saint Petersburg Academic Philharmonia in Saint Petersburg, Russia
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