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Events in Slovakia in 2012

    • 3 November to 30 November 2012
      A photo exhibition by Antonio Živkovič and Andrej Osterman as a part of the DistURBANces project at the Month of Photography Bratislava in Bratislava, Slovakia
      programme organiser
    • 25 September 2012
      The more of us there are, the faster we will reach the goal, directed by Janez Janša and Janez Janša (Maska Institute) at the International Theatre Festival Nitra at Karol Spišák Old Theatre in Nitra, Slovakia
      programme organiser
    • 8 September 2012
      We Come in Peace a concert show tour by Laibach at Majestic Music Club in Bratislava, Slovakia
    • 1 July to 3 August 2012
      Slovenia as a guest of honour featuring literary authors in Brno, Košice, Ostrava, and Wrocław at the Author's Reading Month in Slovakia
      programme organiser
    • 16 June 2012
      The Merchant of Venice produced by Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana at Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, Slovakia
    • 4 October 2011 to 26 February 2012, international exhibition of Young Visual Artists Awards network with the participation of Luiza Margan, Miha Presker and Sašo Sedlaček from Slovenia and coorganised P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute that bestows the OHO Group Award, at National Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia
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