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Events in Germany in 2013 for Dance

    • 19 September 2013
      Off Beat by Milan Tomášik, produced by Philéas Production (Brussels), Ljubljana Dance Theatre (PTL) and Muzeum Institute at Off Europa: Perform Slovakia in Dresden, Leipzig, Germany
    • 5 September to 8 September 2013
      Leja Jurišić and Teja Reba (Pekinpah Association) performing in Tim Etchells's The Last Adventures at Maschinenhalle Zweckel in Gladbeck, Germany
    • 5 September to 6 September 2013
      A presentation by Mojca Kasjak (Plesna izba - Maribor Dance Room) about new artistic practice and experience in the modul-dance project, and Jurij Konjar's lecture titled A thought on residency-ing and his performance For Juliano Mer-Khamis, at the EU Modul-Dance Conference at Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany
    • 21 August to 22 August 2013
      Ottetto (Eight Swings for His Highness), produced by EnKnapGroup (EKG), at the Tanz im August Festival at HAU1 in Berlin, Germany
    • 25 June 2013
      DUET 012, a dance performance by Rosana Hribar and Gregor Luštek (Dance Theatre Ljubljana), at Theater Kiel in Kiel, Germany
    • 7 June to 9 June 2013
      Labor labs DÉ-POSITION - Research on the Body’s Agency including choreographer and performance theorist Janez Janša and EMERGING ARTISTS - Between Dance Training and Dance Market including philosopher and theatre theorist Bojana Kunst at Tanz Kongress at Tanzhaus in Düsseldorf, Germany
    • 10 May to 11 May 2013
      A dance performance and a workshop by Mala Kline, a keynote lecture by Bojana Kunst, and a presentation by Rok Vevar at the dance forum Der Zaudernde Körper, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Berlin, at Deutsche Hygiene-Museum in Dresden, Germany
    • 10 May to 11 May 2013
      Eden, a dance performance by Mala Kline (Pekinpah Association) and dance workshops and lectures by members of Plesna izba - Maribor Dance Room, at symposium DER ZAURENDER KOERPER – HASITATING BODY at German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, Germany
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