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Events in Croatia in 2013 for Film

    • 28 October to 31 October 2013
      Days of Slovene Film Archives featuring a number of events, co-organised by the Slovene Film Archives and supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb, at Tuškanac Cinema in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 14 October to 19 October 2013
      Plays Whore by Vedrana Rudan and directed by Marko Bulc (Glej Theatre) and Happily Divorced by Iztok Valič and directed by Jaša Jamnik (Valič Theatre), and a screening of the film Good to go directed by Matevž Luzar (PAKT Media) with a special guest Milena Zupančič, and other events at the Days of Slovene culture Istria in Pula, Croatia
    • 13 September to 14 September 2013
      Between Me, You and God, directed by Tomaž Gorkič, and Winepires: Blood Toll, directed by Vitomir Kaučič, at the TRASH Film Festival in Varaždin, Croatia
    • 28 August to 1 September 2013
      Who’s afraid of the big black wolf? by Janez Lapajne and produced by Triglav Film and An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker co-produced by Vertigo at the Vukovar Film Festival - Danube Region Film Festival in Vukovar, Croatia
    • 3 August to 8 August 2013
      Vlada, directed by Rudi Uran and produced by Kramberger & Uran, Jan Plestenjak, directed by Bojan Dovrtel and produced by SingingEYE, Children of Socialism, directed by Brane Bitenc and produced by Perfo Production, Toše - The Hardest Thing, directed by Boštjan Slatenšek and produced by Casablanca Productions and Lilija Atelje, Damir Avdić: The Right Man for Capitalism, directed by Dušan Moravec, Marko Brecelj, directed by Janez Burger, and a masterclass by Marko Brecelj at the 4th SPFF 2013 - Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival 2013, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb, at Festival Centre Hotel Alan, Kino Plaža - Beach Theatre in Starigrad, Croatia
    • 20 July to 26 July 2013
      Dual, directed by Nejc Gazvoda (PERFO Production); Adria Blues, directed by Miroslav Mandić (Gustav Film, Filmostovje, Senca Studio); Feed Me With Your Words, directed by Martin Turk (Bela Film Ltd); Shanghai Gypsy, directed by Marko Naberšnik (Arsmedia); Circles, co-produced by Vertigo; and Good To Go, directed by Matevž Luzar (PAKT Media), at the 60th Pula Film Festival at Pula Arena in Pula, Croatia
    • 14 June to 15 June 2013
      Documentaries In the Land of Bears, directed by Nika Autor, and Enchanted into Invisibles, directed by Rudi Uran, at the Festival Novih 2013, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb, at Ružić Gallery in Slavonski Brod, Croatia
    • 11 June to 15 June 2013
      Kuzle (Whores), by Matjaž Mrak and Robi Šabec, and Zagreb Stories Vol. 2, co-produced by restArt, at the Mediterranean Film Festival Split at Kinoteka Zlatna vrata in Split, Croatia
    • 3 June to 5 June 2013
      Animations Egon the Hat by Igor Šinkovec, When the Cat is Away, Mice are Skateboarding by Tomaž Praunseis, and Ladybird Wants to Grow Up by Miha Knific at KIKI International Film Festival at Cinema Zabok in Zabok, Croatia
    • 7 March to 10 March 2013
      Children of Socialism, directed by Brane Bitenc and produced by Perfo Production and Silence - Musicians from the End of the World, directed by Haidy Kancler and produced by the Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia) at DORF - the Festival of Music Documentaries in Vinkovci, Croatia
    • 26 February to 2 March 2013
      There Once was the Land of Hard-Working People, by Urša Menart at the International Documentary Film Festival Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 4 February to 8 February 2013
      Come to the cinema! Slovene film poster, an exhibition by Metka Dariš (Slovenian Cinematheque) at the Days of Slovene Culture Zagreb at Slovenski dom in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 4 February to 8 February 2013
      World Festival of Slovene Documentary Film: The Alexandrians by M. Pevec (Vertigo), Ivana Kobilica – A Portrait of a Painter (Fabula Film Production, Televizija Slovenija), The Year of Hip Hop (Luksuz Production), The Last Boat – An Intermittent Lake (VPK Studio) and Our Dear Mila - A Portrait of Mila Kačič, Jože Toporišič, a Lone Traveller Through Rough Times and Memories Among Baskets - Ivo Daneu (Televizija Slovenija), accompanied with talks by Ivo Daneu and Metod Pevec at the Days of Slovene Culture Zagreb organised by the Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb at Kulturno informativni centar, Slovenski dom in Zagreb, Croatia
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