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Events in Croatia in 2013 for Literature

    • 10 November 2013
      A presentation of Bojana Kunst's book Artist At Work: The Proximity of Art and Capitalism, published by Maska Institute, in the framework of the lecture series Subversive Art & Theory, at Zagreb Youth Theatre in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 15 October 2013
      An evening with Slovene writers Miriam Drev, Mirana Likar Bajželj, and Tomislav Vrečar, supported by the Slovene Writers’ Association, at Bogdan Ogrizović Library in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 5 July to 5 September 2013
      Triple Identity, an international exhibition also featuring works by artist Tobias Putrih and poet Ciril Zlobec, at Istrian Museum of Contemporary Art in Pula, Croatia
    • 16 May 2013
      A literary evening with Feri Lainšček at Slovenski dom in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 4 May to 18 May 2013
      Slavoj Žižek and Aleš Debeljak participating at a number of events (lectures, round-tables, conferences) at the Subversive Festival in Zagreb, Croatia
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    • 12 April to 8 May 2013
      An exhibition of Slovene comic books coorganised by EPeKa Scientific and Research Association and Stripartnica Buch at Škola primijenjene umjetnosti i dizajna in Osijek, Croatia
    • 30 January 2013 to 6 February 2014
      Prešeren's day, cultural week organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb, Slovenski dom in Zagreb and National Minority Council Zagreb, including literary evenings and Pojezije, a musical and literary performance by Vlado Kreslin at Histrionski dom, Slovenski dom in Zagreb, Croatia
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