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Events in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013 for Visual arts

    • 26 April to 26 September 2013
      Laibach presentation at the Project Biennial of Contemporary Art, D-0 ARK Underground, Konjic at Atomic shelter ARK in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • 21 March to 30 March 2013
      The Gardens of Eden, a graphics exhibition by Lojze Logar in the framework of the Zenica Spring Festival, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Sarajevo, at City Museum of Zenica in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • 19 February to 20 February 2013
      Slovene films and videos at the Sarajevo Winter Festival: The Kurent by Marko Kumer Murč and The Wedding by David Lužar at Cinema City in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • 9 February to 15 March 2013
      Slovene visual artists at the Sarajevo Winter Festival: Ivana Petan (Seeds), Bojan Brecelj (Expressing European identity in the eyes of the people), Iva Tratnik (Blackboard), Olga Košica and Rok Marinšek (Inside Out), and Vlado Stjepić (Touch of Letters) at Charlama Gallery, HANIKAH, Head office building of the EU Delegation, Magacin Cabaret in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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