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Events in Serbia in 2013 for Visual arts

    • 15 September 2018 to 28 October 2013
      NADA: Act II by Jasmina Cibic at the October Salon in Belgrade, Serbia
      programme organiser
    • 11 October to 17 November 2013
      Red Min(e)d (Danijela Dugandžić Živanović, Katja Kobolt, Dunja Kukovec, and Jelena Petrović) curating the 54th October Salon featuring the international contemporary art exhibition No One Belongs Here More Than You at Zepter Expo in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 9 September to 6 November 2013
      A number of national museums and institutions, including the National Museum of Slovenia, participating in the exhibition Imagining the Balkans Identities and Memory in the Long 19th Century at Historical Museum of Serbia in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 22 August to 14 September 2013
      Aftermath - Changing cultural landscape, an exhibition featuring contemporary photography by artists from the former Yugoslavia territory, co-organised by Photon Gallery at Kulturni Centar Beograda – Podroom, Remont Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 27 June to 30 June 2013
      A photography exhibition by the members of the Photoclub Maribor at Fotorama 2013 at Gallery of Serbian Court Theatre in Kragujevac, Serbia
    • 7 June to 14 July 2013
      DIVA Station archive at the exhibition Video, Televison, Anticipation and a presentation by Barbara Borčić, head of SCCA video programmes and the DIVA Station archive, at Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 22 February to 28 February 2013
      Response Sound Maps/Walks, an exhibition by RadioCona at G12HUB Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia
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