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Events in Norway in 2013

    • 21 November to 24 November 2013
      On Gesture, a lecture by Mala Kline (Pekinpah Association), at the Symposium On collectivity and collaboration in art at Volt in Bergen, Norway
    • 21 November to 22 November 2013
      The performance Sound Happens! and the workshop Sound Happens in the Group! by the Theremidi Orchestra (Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab) at the Piksel13 Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies at Frantz (Navle), Østre in Bergen, Norway
    • 15 September to 18 September 2013
      Dual, directed by Nejc Gazvoda and produced by PERFO Production, at the 23rd Skeive Filmer Film Festival in Oslo, Norway
    • 24 June to 25 June 2013
      The Invasion, produced by KUD Ljud, at the Festspillene i Nord Norge festival in Harstad, Norway
    • 16 March to 19 March 2013
      Sad Sam Lucky by Matija Ferlin, produced by Emanat Institute, the film My name is Janez Janša, produced by Aksioma Institute and co-produced by Maska Institute and Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia), and They Live (In Search of Text Zero) by Milan Marković and Maja Pelević, produced by Maska Institute at the Oslo Interantional Theatre Festival at Black Box Theater in Oslo, Norway
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