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Events in Portugal in 2013

    • 12 December 2013
      The Very Delicious Piece, a dance performance by Jasmina Križaj (Plesna izba - Maribor Dance Room) and Cristina Planas Leitão, at Teatro do Campo Alegre in Porto, Portugal
    • 6 December 2013 to 2 March 2014
      Ninho Salino, an exhibition by Slovene painter Cveto Marsič at Centro Cultural de Cascais in Cascais, Portugal
    • 6 November to 1 December 2013
      Contemporary Slovene Portrait, a photo exhibition joining 13 Slovene artists, co-organised by Fotografija, Magazine on Photography and Ena Rola Filma, in the framework of the Month of Photography Lisbon, at Fábrica Braço de Prata in Lisbon, Portugal
    • 28 September 2013
      A screening of Small and Smart: Contemporary Slovenian Architecture on Film, produced by the Museum of Architecture and Design and ARK - Institute for Architecture and Culture, at the Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisbon 2013 at Cinema City Alvalade in Lisbon, Portugal
    • 13 September to 15 September 2013
      Eclipse, an installation by Tilen Sepič, a workshop by Tomaž Novljan, and a lecture by Katerina Mirović (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at Lumina 2013 in Cascais, Portugal
    • 4 July 2013
      Damned be the traitor of his homeland! by O. Frljić, produced by Mladinsko Theatre, at the Almada Festival at Escola D. António da Costa in Almada, Portugal
      programme organiser
    • 29 June 2013
      Damned be the traitor of his homeland! by O. Frljić, produced by Mladinsko Theatre, at Cine-Teatro Constantino Nery in Matosinhos, Portugal
    • 21 May to 27 May 2013
      The Invasion, produced by KUD Ljud and the workshop Build your own interactive character, at the Imaginarius Festival in St. Maria da Feira, Portugal
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