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Events in Croatia in 2014 for Film

    • 19 December 2014
      Video, television, anticipation, a series of presentations, discussions and screenings also featuring Neven Korda Andrič, at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 7 November 2014
      A screening of Odyssey 5200 – The Wheel Which Spun the World, directed by Marko Kočevar (Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia)), at the 3rd International Archaeology Film Festival at Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments in Split, Croatia
    • 30 October to 10 November 2014
      A presentation of DIVA Station (SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts) as well as a workshop by Barbara Borčić, Dušan Dovč, Nika Grabar, and Ida Hiršenfelder, a screening of the video essay DIVA at ŠKUC Gallery by Nika Grabar and a première of two video programmes Industrial Landscape, curated by Miha Colner, and Feedback Loop, curated by Ida Hiršenfelder, at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 21 October to 26 October 2014
      Class Enemy, directed by Rok Biček (Triglav Film), in the framework of LUX Film Days as well as Karpotrotter, directed by Matjaž Ivanišin (Studio Legen), and Dancing with Maria, directed by Ivan Gergolet and co-produced by Staragara, at the Zagreb Film Festival at Cinema Tuškanac, Zagreb Puppet Theatre in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 12 September 2014
      Failsafe, directed by Miha Umek and produced by Analogika Production House, at the Trash Film Festival in Varaždin, Croatia
    • 3 August 2014
      We Go Our Way 2, directed by Miha Hočevar and produced by Vertigo, in the Buzz@teen program of the 17th Motovun Film Festival at Cinema Museum in Buzet, Croatia
    • 26 July to 30 July 2014
      Barbarians, co-produced by Restart Ltd, Damir Avdić: The Right Man for Capitalism, directed by Dušan Moravec and produced by the ŠKUC Association, Friendly production and Vertigo, Project: Cancer, directed by Damjan Kozole and produced by Vertigo, and The Elderly Parasite or Who is Marko Brecelj?, directed by Janez Burger and produced by Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia) at the Motovun Film Festival in Motovun, Croatia
      programme organiser
    • 1 July to 13 July 2014
      An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker and Circles, co-produced by Vertigo, and Class Enemy, produced by Triglav Film, at the Osijek Year of Culture at Casemate courtyard in Osijek, Croatia
    • 1 July to 5 July 2014
      Map in Motion, featuring a number of events also including an exhibition of works and video projections by the students of the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, in Rijeka, Croatia
    • 14 June to 27 June 2014
      Class Enemy, directed by Rok Biček and produced by Triglav Film, and The Reaper, co-produced by Forum Ljubljana, at the 61st Pula Film Festival in Pula, Croatia
    • 3 June to 8 June 2014
      Koyaa - Flower, directed by Kolja Saksida (ZVVIKS, Institute for Film and Audiovisual Production), Boles, Lovesick, and Mate to Measure, directed by Špela Čadež, Last Minute, directed by Špela Čadež and Marina Rosset, Muri the Cat, directed by Boris Dolenc, and EKO Binz, directed by Iztok H Šuc at the Animafest Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia
      programme organiser
    • 7 March to 8 March 2014
      Damir Avdić: The Right Man for Capitalism, directed by Dušan Moravec and produced by the ŠKUC Association, Friendly production and Vertigo, and Marko Brecelj, directed by Janez Burger, at the Festival of Music Documentaries DORF 2014 in Vinkovci, Croatia
    • 6 March 2014
      A Trip, directed by Nejc Gazvoda and produced by Perfo Production, screens in the framework of the Month of Francophonie, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb, at Tuškanac Cinema in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 28 January 2014
      The première of Good Night, Missy, directed by Metod Pevec and produced by Vertigo, VPK, and Televizija Slovenija, at Cineplexx Center Kaptol in Zagreb, Croatia
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