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Events in Serbia in 2015 for Film

    • 3 December to 4 December 2015
      A retrospective of short films by Jan Cvitkovič at the 21st auteur Film Festival at Art Bioskop in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 23 November to 26 November 2015
      Screenings of Banditenkinder: Children Stolen from Slovenia, directed by Maja Weiss (Zavod Maja Weiss), Feed Me With Your Words, directed by Martin Turk (Bela Film Ltd), Home, directed by Metod Pevec (Vertigo), Case: Osterberg, directed by Matej Nahtigal (Lignit film), What about Mojca?, directed by Urša Menart (Sever & Sever Production), Love on the Roof of the World, directed by Jan Cvitkovič (Staragara, Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia)), Panic, directed by Pia Zemljič (Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia)), Champagne Twist, produced by Bela Film Ltd, Karpotrotter, directed by Matjaž Ivanišin (Studio Legen), Artificial Paradise, directed by Karpo Godina, the exhibition Bantidkinter by Maja Weiss and Janez Žmavc, and two round table discussions featuring a number of directors and film artists, at the Days of Slovenian Film at Yugoslav Cinematheque in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 6 October to 10 October 2015
      A solo exhibition by Dušan Kastelic (Bugbrain Studio) and screenings of Composition, directed by Mitja Manček, and Koyaa - Flower, directed by Kolja Saksida (ZVVIKS, Institute for Film and Audiovisual Production), at 12th European Animated Film Festival Belgrade Balkanima at Students' City Cultural Center in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 10 September 2015
      A screening of Inferno, directed by Vinko Möderndorfer (Forum Ljubljana), at the Leskovac International Film Festival LIFFE at Cultural Centre Leskovac in Leskovac, Serbia
    • 3 September to 5 September 2015
      Screenings of Karpotrotter, directed by Matjaž Ivanišin (Studio Legen), and The Reaper, co-produced by Forum Ljubljana, at the Pančevo Film Festival at Bioskop Apolo, Pančevo Cultural Centre in Pančevo, Serbia
    • 7 August to 9 August 2015
      Screenings of Boles by Špela Čadež (Finta), Just Like That, Hunter’s Luck, Life as you don’t know it, Veni, Vidi, Vici, Samuel, A wasted wish, and Bird Run, produced by ZVVIKS, Institute for Film and Audiovisual Production, and Wonder Island by Rene Puhar at the Constantine's Gold Coin International Animated Film Festival for children and youth in Niš, Serbia
    • 26 March 2015
      A screening of Damir Avdić: The Right Man for Capitalism, directed by Dušan Moravec and produced by the ŠKUC Association, Friendly production and Vertigo, at the 62nd Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival at Dom sindikata in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 1 March to 2 March 2015
      Screenings of Inferno, directed by Vinko Möderndorfer, produced by Forum Ljubljana and co-produced by Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia), at the 43rd Belgrade International Film Festival FEST at Dom sindikata, Jugoslovenska kinoteka in Belgrade, Serbia
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