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Events in Spain in 2016 for Literature

    • 14 December to 15 December 2016
      Events featuring writers Suzana Tratnik, Alja Adam and Veronika Dintinjana, organised in cooperation with the Slovenian Book Agency and Centre for Slovenian Literature, at La Qarmita in Granada, Spain
    • 12 October to 14 October 2016
      Barbara Pregelj at the LIBER International Book Fair in Barcelona, Spain
    • 30 September 2016 to 29 January 2017
      An exhibition of covers and posters by Stripburger and screenings of Stripburger in Motion and Wanted, directed by Boris Dolenc and produced by Forum Ljubljana, at the international exhibition Animal Collective at CentroCentro in Madrid, Spain
    • 29 September 2016
      Simona Kopinšek and translator Barbara Pregelj presented within Europa 2016: Mapas de la poesia, organised by EUNIC on the occasion of the Week of the Languages, at Italian Cultural Institute Madrid in Madrid, Spain
    • 7 June to 11 June 2016
      Stripburger's exhibition Attention, work!, a screening of Stripburger in Motion, directed by Boris Dolenc and produced by Forum Ljubljana, and a presentation of Stripburger by Tanja Skala and David Krančan at the Tenderete Festival de autoedición gráfica y sonora por excelencia de Valencia at CSOA l'Horta, Estudio 64 in Valencia, Spain
      programme organiser
    • 21 April 2016
      Literary Evening of the Basque literature with Jana Putrle Srdič, Barbara Pregelj and Juan Kruz Igerabide, organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Madrid, at Basque Language Institute in San Sebastian, Spain
    • 11 April to 14 April 2016
      A Slovenian literature translation workshop also with Laura Repovš, lectures by Dr. Marko Juvan (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana) and a screening of Spare Parts, directed by Damjan Kozole (E-motion Film), at the Slovenian Language Week, organised by Slovenian Lectureship at the University of Granada, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Madrid, at Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting in Granada, Spain
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