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Events in Croatia in 2016 for Visual arts

    • 22 December 2016 to 5 January 2017
      If we weren’t here … look, immediately the grass is growing, an exhibition of works by Tanja Lažetić, at Institute of Contemporary Art Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 1 December to 11 December 2016
      A presentation of the Ljubljana art and culture landscape with Svetlana Makarovič, Josip Osti, Svetlana Slapšak, Goran Vojnović, Agata Tomažič, Jure Eržen, Boštjan Videmšek, Mojca Kumerdej, Sebastijan Pregelj, Maja Gal Štromar, Jože Suhadolnik, Klemen Košir, Metka Krašovec, Alenka Sottler, Hana Stupica, Laibach and Zoran Predin, co-organised by the Slovenian Book Agency, at the Book Fair(y) Istria Festival of Books and Authors in Pula, Croatia
      programme organiser
    • 22 October to 31 December 2016
      The Subversive Body: Conceptual Works 1977-2015, an exhibition by Lela B. Njatin, at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 8 October to 18 October 2016
      A Thought for the Day, an exhibition by Tadej Pogačar (P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute), at Galerija Prozori in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 5 October 2016
      Primož Premzl (Primož Premzl Art Cabinet) participates in the exhibition Wooden Ships and Iron Men at Croatian Maritime Museum in Split, Croatia
    • 8 September to 2 October 2016
      The Most Beautiful Place in the World, an exhibition of contemporary Slovenian photography featuring works by Jaka Babnik, Emina Djukić, Tomaž Gregorič, Tanja Lažetić, Radenko Milak & Roman Uranjek, Boštjan Pucelj, Bojan Radovič, Aleš Rosa, Matjaž Rušt & Robert Marin, Jane Štravs, and Tanja Verlak, co-curated by Barbara Čeferin and co-organised by Galerija Fotografija, at Klovićevi dvori Gallery in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 2 September to 1 October 2016
      Correspondences, a photo exhibition by Bojan Salaj, organised in cooperation with Photon Gallery, at Makina Gallery in Pula, Croatia
    • 23 July to 20 August 2016
      Pavillion / Building Desire, a solo exhibition by Jasmina Cibic, at Apoteka Space for Contemporary Art in Vodnjan, Croatia
    • 10 July to 16 July 2016
      Forum, an exhibition featuring works by Jasmina Cibic and Assaf Gruber, within the project Cinemaniac – Think Film 2016 at MMC Luka in Pula, Croatia
    • 2 June to 17 September 2016
      NADA, Act 1, an exhibition by Jasmina Cibic, at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 27 May to 28 May 2016
      Playground, a project co-created by Miha Horvat and co-produced by the Exodos Institute, at Corners Triangle at Zamet Centre in Rijeka, Croatia
    • 12 May to 14 May 2016
      Night Visitors, a light installation by Katja Paternoster (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at the Visualia Festival at Old Town in Pula, Croatia
    • 6 May to 8 May 2016
      Zipped Worlds: Photography in Public Space, a group exhibition featuring works by Borut Krajnc, Eva Petrič and Metka Zupanič, co-curated by Dejan Sluga and co-organised by Photon Gallery, at Rovinj Photodays at Batana Center of Visual Arts in Rovinj, Croatia
    • 24 April to 13 May 2016
      I Walk the Line, an exhibition of works by Blaž Pirnat, at Fonticus City Gallery in Grožnjan, Croatia
    • 7 April to 30 April 2016
      The Black Chamber, a group exhibition produced in partnership with Aksioma Institute, at the Mine, Yours, Ours Festival at Mali salon in Rijeka, Croatia
    • 1 March to 26 March 2016
      Balkanalije, an exhibition by illustrator Samira Kentrić, organised in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb, at Forum Gallery in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 29 February to 14 March 2016
      APSYRTIDES – Mosaics and Sculptures, an exhibition by Tomaž Hartman, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb, at Bogdan Ogrizović Library in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 19 February 2016
      The opening of Winter: From Fear to Joy, an exhibition by Dr. Borut Batagelj, organised in cooperation with the Historical Archives Celje and Celje Central Library, at Pula City Library in Pula, Croatia
    • 21 January to 6 February 2016
      Temporary Objects and Hybrid Spaces, an exhibition by Marko Batista (Aksioma Institute), at Gallery Filodrammatica in Rijeka, Croatia
    • 8 December 2015 to 31 January 2016
      Lesson 1, an exhibition of works by Tadej Pogačar (P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute), at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 4 December 2015 to 4 February 2016
      Tartini 1692-1770, an exhibition on the life and work of Guiseppe Tartini, produced in cooperation with the Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum, Piran, and an opening concert by pianist Bojan Glavina and the Tartini Musical Studio at Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka in Rijeka, Croatia
    • 3 December 2015 to 29 January 2016
      The exhibition Z vlakom čez mejo / Vlakom preko granice in the framework of the project SIHeR 2.0, organised in cooperation with the Regional Archives Maribor, Historical Archives Ptuj and Historical Archives Celje, and supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb, at Croatian State Archives in Zagreb, Croatia
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