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Events in Italy in 2017 for Film

    • 13 November to 15 November 2017
      Screenings of Men Don't Cry, co-produced by Iridium Film, Into the blue directed by Antonete Alamat Kusijanović and co-produced by Blade Production, and Trahere directed by Juš Jeraj and Atile Urbančič (Trahere), announced by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Rome, at the MedFilm Festival at Cinema Savoy in Rome, Italy
    • 25 August 2017
      A screening of Nighthawk by Špela Čadež, produced by Finta and supported by Slovenian Film Centre at the Imaginaria Animated Film Festival in Conversano, Italy
      programme organiser
    • 10 March to 11 March 2017
      Name Readymade by Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša (Maska Institute and Aksioma Institute), Psycho Geographic by Irwin, Protestival by Vuk Ćosić, and a screening of My Name Is Janez Janša, produced by Aksioma Institute and co-produced by Maska Institute and Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia), at the meeting Strange Correspendences at Casa Cavazzini in Udine/Videm, Italy
    • 20 January to 24 January 2017
      Screenings of Nightlife, directed by Damjan Kozole (Vertigo), Houston, We Have a Problem!, directed by Žiga Virc (Studio Virc), Good Luck, Orlo!, directed by Sara Kern (Cvinger Film), Beyond Boundaries, based on a poetic text by Aleš Šteger, A Comedy of Tears, directed by Marko Sosič (Arsmedia), Liberation Day, and Valley of Peace, directed by France Štiglic, as well as Tales from Chestnut Forests, directed by Gregor Božič (Nosorogi), within the First Lab Cut programme of the When East Meets West co-production meeting, at the Trieste Film Festival at Sala Tripcovich, Teatro Miela in Trieste/Trst, Italy
      programme organiser
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