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Events in Croatia in 2017 for Music

    • 4 October 2017
      Mephisto by Denis Avdić and Grega Zorc at the Zoom Festival at Filodrammatica in Rijeka, Croatia
      programme organiser
    • 27 July 2017
      A concert by Laibach at the Changer Festival Šibenik at St. Michael's Fortress in Šibenik, Croatia
      programme organiser
    • 26 July to 29 July 2017
      Screenings of Every Good Story Is a Love Story, a documentary directed by Rajko Grlić and Matjaž Ivanišin and produced by Vertigo and NP 7 in cooperation with NuFrame and Sinhro Studio 100, The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith, directed by Slobodan Maksimović, You Didn't Forget, directed by Simon Intihar, Lp Film Buldožer – Spit Truth in the Eye, directed by Varja Močnik, Liberation Day, a documentary film about Laibach's North Korea concerts in 2015, and a concert by Laibach at the Motovun Film Festival at Cinema Bauer, Cinema Billy, Cinema Square, Even Smaller Cinema, Square in Motovun, Croatia
      programme organiser
    • 23 July 2017
      A concert by Slowind at the Osor Musical Evenings at Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Osor, Croatia
      programme organiser
    • 9 May 2017
      Our Songs, Your Dreams, a concert by Laibach with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra at Vatroslav Lisinki Concert Hall in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 8 May 2017
      A concert by pianist Dubravka Tomšič Srebotnjak, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb at the St. Mark's Festival at Croatian Music Institute in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 31 March 2017
      A concert by The Canyon Observer at Močvara in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 28 December 2016 to 31 July 2017
      The Sound of Bugs, an exhibition with sound and soundscape design by Boštjan Perovšek, at Croatian National History Museum in Zagreb, Croatia
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