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Events in Montenegro in 2017

    • 9 September 2017
      16, a performance by dancers Rosana Hribar and Gregor Luštek, produced by Dance Theatre Ljubljana at the FIAT Festival of International Alternative Theatre at KIC Budo Tomović in Podgorica, Montenegro
    • 8 September to 14 September 2017
      How to temper the existential revolution?, co-produced by Divja misel Institute, The Second Freedom, produced by Bunker Institute, Pekinpah Association and Kink Kong, Life®Anti, produced by Glej Theatre, Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, KD TNK and School of Arts Nova Gorica, and Chairs, produced by Mini Theatre, at the FIAT Festival of International Alternative Theatre at KIC Budo Tomović, Kuslev’s House, Montenegrin Nationa Theatre in Podgorica, Montenegro
    • 27 July 2017
      A concert by Tango Compás with accordionist Marko Hatlak, pianist Marko Črnčec, bassist Luka Herman Gaiser, vocalist Ana Bezjak and violinist Stefan Milenkovich at the International Festival KotorArt at Kotor Old Town Summer Stage in Kotor, Montenegro
    • 5 July 2017
      Branislav Nušić's The Grieving Family, produced by the Prešeren Theatre Kranj and Slovene People’s Theatre (SLG) Celje, at the Theatre City Festival Budva at Budva Old Town in Budva, Montenegro
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