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Events in Norway in 2017

    • 27 October 2017
      Let Them Grow, a concert by ZSAMM (Slovenian electronic musician and vocalist Maja Osojnik and Austrian drummer Patrick Wurzwallner), at the Insomnia Festival at Hvit in Tromsø, Norway
      programme organiser
    • 21 September 2017
      A concert by Laibach at the Kapittel Festival at Kafé Akvariet in Stavanger, Norway
      programme organiser
    • 9 June to 10 June 2017
      Stripburger (Strip Core) presents Attention, work!, a series of posters, the animated films Stripburger in motion and Wanted, directed by Boris Dolenc, with editor Tanja Skale and comic artist Gašper Rus participating in a panel discussion, at the Comics Expo Oslo at Deichmanske bibliotek Grünerløkka, Serieteket in Oslo, Norway
      programme organiser
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