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Events in Russia in 2017

    • 30 November to 25 December 2017
      An opening of the Season of Slovenian Culture in the Russian Federation 2017-2018 with Les25, an exhibition of contemporary Slovenian wood design conceived by Barbara Predan and designed by Ranko Novak, coorganised by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Moscow at The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia in Moscow, Russia
    • 8 September to 10 September 2017
      Performances by Lifecutter and Haiku Garden at the Moscow Music Week at Chinese Pilot Jao Da, Powerhouse Moscow in Moscow, Russia
      programme organiser
    • 6 July to 26 August 2017
      The Heart of Koper in Moscow, an exhibition of the Koper Regional Museum, organized in cooperation with the Museum of Moscow and supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Moscow, at Museum of Moscow in Moscow, Russia
    • 7 March to 21 May 2017
      Art in Europe 1945-1968, an exhibition featuring works by Matjaž Hanžek and the OHO Group, at The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, Russia
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