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Events in Croatia in 2018 for Music

    • 22 September 2018
      Musical performances by Jure Tori, Darla Smoking and Uroš Rakovec accompanying Tamara Obrovac in the frame of the Echoes from Invisible Landscapes project at Hrelji 45 in Žminj, Croatia
    • 26 August 2018
      Concerts by Container Doxa and Litošt at the Johannesburg Fest in Ivanić-Grad, Croatia
    • 27 July to 31 July 2018
      The performance Michelangelo, directed by Sebastijan Horvat, music by Karmina Šilec, produced by the Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc Rijeka and Dubrovnik Summer Festival, at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival at Island of Lokrum in Dubrovnik, Croatia
      programme organiser
    • 14 July 2018
      A concert by the SOS Saxophone Orchestra at the World Saxophone Congress at Academy of Music Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia
    • 26 June to 27 June 2018
      Concerts by Koala Voice and Futurski via INES#talent, Innovation Network of European Showcases, in cooperation with the MENT Ljubljana Festival, at the InMusic Festival at Main Stage in Zagreb, Croatia
      programme organiser
    • 18 April 2018
      A concert by Vlado Kreslin at Culture Centre RUDAR in Mursko Središče, Croatia
    • 28 March 2018
      The Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra performing Stabat Mater, conducted by Robert Smrekar, at Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka, Croatia
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