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Events in Serbia in 2018 for Music

    • 1 December 2018
      A concert by Perpetuum Jazzile at Sava Cultural Centre in Belgrade, Serbia
      programme organiser
    • 25 November 2018
      A solo performance by Tomaž Grom (Sploh Institute) at Studio 11 in Subotica, Serbia
    • 23 November 2018
      Vid Drašler and Jošt Drašler perform with Serbian improviser Marina Džukljev at Izba in Novi Sad, Serbia
    • 31 August 2018
      C.M.B.R., an audiovisual composition by Simon Šerc (PureH), in the Media Installations Competition section at the International Video Festival Videomedeja at Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad, Serbia
    • 23 August 2018
      Tomaž Grom (Sploh Institute) and Primož Sukič perform in duets with Serbian artists Mirjana Raić and Marina Džukljev respectively, hosted by Improstor, at Izba in Novi Sad, Serbia
    • 5 August 2018
      A concert by Laibach and a screening of Liberation Day, a documentary about Laibach's 2015 North Korea concerts, co-produced by Staragara, at the Nišville Jazz Festival in Niš, Serbia
      programme organiser
    • 7 June to 8 June 2018
      Flautist Milena Lipovšek and horn player Boštjan Lipovšek at the Classic Fest International Festival of Classic Chamber Music at Culture Centre in Pančevo, Serbia
    • 20 April 2018
      Flute player Irena Grafenauer performs with Mate Bekavac and the Kronberg Academy Quartet at the Nomus Festival at Synagogue in Novi Sad, Serbia
      programme organiser
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