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Events in Germany in 2018 for New media art

    • 17 November 2018 to 17 February 2019
      The installation aqua_forensic by Robertina Šebjanič and Gjino Šutić in the frame of the exhibition ERROR – The Art of Imperfection (Ars Electronica Export programme) at DRIVE in Berlin, Germany
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    • 11 October 2018
      Brane Zorman (Cona Institute) performs LU-na MO-on reflect at Panke Gallery in Berlin, Germany
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    • 22 March to 24 March 2018
      Light Oscillator, a kinetic light installation by Tilen Sepič, at the COLLUMINA at Holzmarkt 1-Park in Cologne, Germany
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    • 1 March to 4 March 2018
      The audio-visual performance Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification by Robertina Šebjanič with technical support by Slavko Glamočanin and a performance by Robertina Šebjanič at Exhibition#14: Alien Organs, organised in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Berlin, at Berlin, Spektrum in Berlin, Germany
    • 25 January to 28 January 2018
      Light Oscillator, a kinetic light installation by Tilen Sepič, at the EVI Lichtungen International Light Art Biennial Hildesheim at St Michaelis Cloister in Hildesheim, Germany
    • 27 April 2013
      Omissive Art a=tF², a lecture by Igor Štromajer (Intima Virtual Base) at the EMAF 2013 at Haus der Jugend in Osnabrück, Germany
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