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Events in Poland in 2018

    • 7 December 2018
      Hundred Toasts, a solo performance by Anita Wach, directed by Bojan Jablanovec and produced by Via Negativa, at the MAAT Festival at Cultural Centre in Lublin, Poland
      programme organiser
    • 30 November 2018
      Wendy Pferd Tod Mexiko, a radio play with a live performance by Rdeča Raketa, featuring Slovenian electronic musician and vocalist Maja Osojnik, at the Słuchowisk Festival at Theatre Nowy in Poznan, Poland
      programme organiser
    • 16 November to 18 November 2018
      Little Blue and Little Yellow, directed by Miha Golob and produced by the Maribor Puppet Theatre, at the Take Part in Art - International Theatre Festival for Early Years at Stara Prochownia in Warsaw, Poland
      programme more
    • 13 November 2018
      The screening of Playing Men, directed by Matjaž Ivanišin (Nosorogi and Restart), in the Documentary Special Screenings section, at the EnergaCAMERIMAGE International Film Festival at Opera Nova in Toruń, Poland
      programme organiser
    • 7 October 2018
      The multimedia performance Viktorija 2.0, produced by the Moment Arts and Culture Association, at the Puppet Is a Human Too Festival at Theatre Institute in Warsaw, Poland
      programme organiser
    • 4 October to 5 October 2018
      The premiere of the devised theatre performance Sorry, produced by Via Negativa, followed by artist talk with Anita Wach, at the Ciało/Umsł Festival at STUDIO teatrgaleria in Warsaw, Poland
      programme organiser
    • 16 August to 17 August 2018
      Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia) presents three documentary films The Breakthrough at Kobarid, Galician Planes in Blood Bath, and Ozadja prestolonaslednikove smrti, all directed by Valentin Pečenko, featuring Valentin Pečenko and Marko Štepec (National Museum of Contemporary History) as guest speakers, at the scientific symposium World War I Through the Eyes of Poles and Slovenes, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Warsaw, at National Museum Przemyśl in Przemyśl, Poland
    • 21 June to 23 June 2018
      The Polish premiere of National Reconciliation: A Show for Tourists, a co-production of the Mladinsko Theatre and Komuna// Warszawa, at Komuna// Warszawa in Warszawa, Poland info
    • 8 June 2018
      The dance performance Solo for Two Voices by Anja Golob, Magdalena Reiter and Milan Tomášik, produced by Mirabelka Institute and co-produced by Dance Theatre Ljubljana and Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre at Klub Zak in Gdansk, Poland
    • 7 June to 8 June 2018
      Barbara Borčić (SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts) presents the project DIVA Station and two cases of Slovenian media/video practices (Miha Vipotnik and Laibach-Kunst) at the Revisiting Heritage conference at National Museum in Warsaw, Poland
    • 4 June to 20 June 2018
      The exhibition Intangible Cultural Heritage in Slovenia in the Light of the UNESCO Convention, curated by Nena Židov and Anja Jerin (Slovene Ethnographic Museum), at Lublin Castle Museum in Lublin, Poland
    • 22 April to 30 June 2018
      Aquatocene / The Subaquatic Quest for Serenity by Robertina Šebjanič at a group exhibition The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?! at Centre for Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, Poland
      programme more
    • 19 April to 21 April 2018
      Concerts by Bowrain, Haiku Garden, and Futurski, supported by MENT Ljubljana, at the Enea Spring Break Festival in Poznań, Poland
    • 17 April 2018
      Concerts by Haiku Garden and Futurski, supported by MENT Ljubljana, at Betel Klub in Krakow, Poland
    • 20 March 2018
      Laibach present Also Sprach Zarathustra at Od Nowa in Torun, Poland
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