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Events in Italy in 2019 for Film

    • 22 October to 27 October 2019
      The world premiere of Don't Forget to Breathe, directed by Martin Turk (attending) and co-produced by Bela Film and Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia), and minority production Wonder When You'll Miss Me, produced with the support of the Slovenian Film Centre, at the Rome Film Fest at Sala Alice Timvision in Rome, Italy
      programme organiser
    • 3 September to 5 September 2019
      The screenings of Fosca, directed by Maria Chiara Venturini and co-produced by Viva Videnović (attending, Strup Productions), Petra Trampuž Bocevska and Domen Valjavec, at the Venice International Film Critics’ Week in Venice, Italy
      programme organiser
    • 4 July to 7 July 2019
      Screenings of the documentary My Name Is Janez Janša, directed by Janez Janša, produced by Aksioma Institute and co-produced by Maska Institute, in the framework of Simposio, at Eni Village in Borca di Cadore, Italy organiser
    • 11 March to 14 March 2019
      A retrospective of films by Karpo Godina (attending), featuring screenings of Artificial Paradise, Red Boogie, The Raft of Medusa, the documentary Story of Mr. P. F., and several Godina's short films as well as a documentary about the director Karpotrotter, directed by Matjaž Ivanišin, supported by the Slovenian Film Centre and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Rome, at the Bergamo Film Meeting at Cultural Centre Tulla in Bergamo, Italy
      programme organiser
    • 18 January to 25 January 2019
      The screenings of Erased, directed by Miha Mazzini and Dušan Joksimović, produced by Gustav Film and co-produced by PAKT Media, in the Competition Programme (Italian premiere); the documentary Music is the Art of Time 3, LP film Laibach, directed by Igor Zupe (attending) and produced by Nord Cross Production; the documentary Greetings From Free Forests, directed by Ian Soroka; Spare Parts, directed by Damjan Kozole (E-motion Film) in the Wind of Change retrospective; No Man's Land, co-produced by Casablanca Productions and Studio Maj; and Don't Forget To Breathe, directed by Martin Turk and produced by Bela Film Ltd in the This Is IT section; at the Trieste Film Festival at Cinema Ambasciatori, Politeama Rossetti, Teatro Miela in Trieste/Trst, Italy
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