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Events in Italy in 2019 for Music

    • 19 November 2019
      Luka Šulić performs The Four Seasons at Teatro Dal Verme in Milan, Italy
      programme organiser
    • 10 November 2019
      Pianist Kaja Draksler performs at the Novara Jazz Festival at Teatro Coccia in Novara, Italy
      programme organiser
    • 11 October to 13 October 2019
      The opening of the exhibition and presentation of the book "Cloud Arrangers" by photographer Žiga Koritnik at the Forlì Open Music at Former church of San Giacomo Forlì in Forlì, Italy
      programme organiser
    • 1 October to 2 October 2019
      Neforma - Dialogues, improvisations in music and dance by dancers Katja Legin and Vid Nemec and musicians Tomaž Grom, Ana Kravanja, Samo Kutin, Vid Drašler, produced by Sploh Institute), at Live Arts Cultures in Forte Marghera, Italy
    • 22 September 2019
      Tomaž Grom (Sploh Institute) performs with Martin Küchen at Dobia Lab in Staranzano, Italy
      programme organiser
    • 10 September to 13 September 2019
      Concerts by Širom (Glitterbeat Records) at Postwar Cinema Club, Torto Night, T-Trane Record Store, Villa Romana in Florence, Genoa, Parma, Perugia, Italy
    • 13 July 2019
      A concert by Tomaž Grom (Sploh Institute) and Samo Kutin (Sploh Institute) in Topolò, Italy organiser
    • 13 July 2019
      The ballet performance Giselle, produced by the Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, at the Mittelfest at Piazza Duomo in Cividale del Friuli/Čedad, Italy
      programme organiser
    • 11 July to 15 July 2019
      Nabucco, produced by Slovene National Theatre Maribor, at the Opera in Piazza Festival at Piazza Grande in Oderzo, Italy
      programme organiser
    • 24 May 2019
      Before the eyes, an audiovisual composition by Simon Šerc (PureH) and Martina Testen, at the Magmart International Videoart Festival at CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples, Italy
    • 10 October 2018 to 15 January 2019
      Raintrap, an audiovisual composition by Simon Šerc (PureH), and Before the eyes by Martina Testen, in the Curatorial Program #3 section at the Miami New Media Festival at Concrete Space, Librería Mamey, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Paseo Wynwood in Miami, Rome, Santo Domingo, Italy
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