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Events in Belgium for Dance

    • 28 November 2018
      Pursuit of Happiness by Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper (Nature Theater of Oklahoma (US))with EnKnapGroup (EKG), produced by En-Knap Productions, at The Kortrijk Theater in Kortrijk, Belgium
      programme organiser
    • 2 March to 3 March 2018
      Pursuit of Happiness by Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper, Nature Theater of Oklahoma (US) with EnKnapGroup (EKG), produced by En-Knap Productions, at Kaaitheater in Brussels, Belgium
    • 17 March to 19 March 2016
      Rave by Matej Kejžar (Pekinpah Association) at the XS Festival at Théâtre National in Brussels, Belgium
    • 8 March 2014
      This is not a hit, a dance performance by Matej Kejžar (Pekinpah Association), and Sofa, a durational performance by Leja Jurišić & Teja Reba (Pekinpah Association), at the Spider Night Festival at Danscentrumjette in Brussels, Belgium
    • 24 January to 25 January 2014
      Ottetto (Eight Swings for His Highness), produced by EnKnapGroup (EKG), at Les Écuries - Charleroi Danses in Charleroi, Belgium
    • 16 November 2013
      The Very Delicious Piece, a dance performance by Jasmina Križaj (Plesna izba - Maribor Dance Room) and Cristina Planas Leitão, at Volksroom in Brussels, Belgium
    • 10 October 2013
      The Other At The Same Time performance by Matija Ferlin produced by (Emanat Institute) at STUK in Leuven, Belgium
    • 8 May to 11 May 2013
      Sad Sam Lucky by Matija Ferlin, produced by Emanat Institute, at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts at Kaaistudio's in Brussels, Belgium
    • 1 June to 2 June 2012
      Frozen Images and Transmittance #2 by Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič, produced by Emanat Institute, at the Trouble Festival at Les Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, Belgium
    • 3 March 2012
      At Once, international dance creation, part of Spider project produced by Pekinpah Association at Dancecentrumjette in Brussels, Belgium
    • 25 October to 26 October 2011
      Off Beat by Milan Tomášik, produced by Muzeum Institute, Ljubljana Dance Theatre (PTL) and Philéas Production (Brussels), at Labozaal - STUK Kunstencentrum wzv Leuven in Leuven, Belgium
    • 3 May 2010
      Wanda & Nova deViator: Frozen Images (produced by Emanat Institute at Linux Audio Conference 2010 in Utrecht, Belgium
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