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Events in Sweden for Literature

    • 28 July to 24 August 2016
      A presentation of Stripburger by editors David Krančan and Bojan Albahari at the Comix Market, screenings of animated films by Boris Dolenc, and the exhibition Attention, Work! at the AltCom Comics Festival Malmö at Folkets Park, Mitt Möllan, Moriskan, Panora in Malmö, Sweden
      programme organiser
    • 7 May to 8 May 2016
      Stripburger's exhibition Attention, work!, screenings of Stripburger in Motion, directed by Boris Dolenc and produced by Forum Ljubljana, and experimental animated films by Andrej Štular, and a presentation of Stripburger by Tanja Skala and Andrej Štular at the Stockholm International Comics Festival at Bibliotek Plattan, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm, Sweden
      programme organiser
    • 11 April 2015
      A literary evening with poets Tina Kozin, Veno Taufer and Aleš Šteger and translator Mita Hustinčič (Beletrina Publishing Institute) at Swedish Writers' Union in Stockholm, Sweden
    • 3 November to 7 November 2014
      A poetry and translation workshop concluded with a literary evening with Karlo Hmeljak, Kristina Hočevar, Alenka Jovanovski, and Peter Semolič, co-organised by the Centre for Slovenian Literature, at Sveriges författarförbund in Stockholm, Sweden
    • 12 March to 16 March 2013
      Goran Vojnović tours Sweden, co-organised by the Študentska založba Publishing House, in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Umeå, Sweden
    • 8 November to 30 November 2012
      Stripburger in print exhibition, organised by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana at the AltCom Comics Festival Malmö at Café Simpan in Malmö, Sweden
      programme organiser
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