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Events in Portugal for New media art

    • 16 September 2017
      Cycles, a performance by Saša Spačal, at the Lisboa Soa Festival at Estufa Fria in Lisbon, Portugal
      programme organiser
    • 12 September to 14 September 2014
      Timing Diagrams, a multimedia performance by Marko Batista and Boštjan Čadež (Aksioma Institute), at the Lumina Festival in Cascais, Portugal
    • 13 September to 15 September 2013
      Eclipse, an installation by Tilen Sepič, a workshop by Tomaž Novljan, and a lecture by Katerina Mirović (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at Lumina 2013 in Cascais, Portugal
    • 30 April to 7 May 2010
      X-OP: Festival Time and Technique produced by KIBLA Multimedia Centre, ELECTROPERA performance lecture with live topographic imagery by Marko Košnik, Egon March Institute, curatorial dinner by Petra Kapš, a lecture Dictionary of Subsidized Art - Here and Now by Aleksandra Kostić, DVD screenings by Peter Tomaž Dobrila, an exhibition and lecture Drawing by artists Polona Maher and Petra Varl, EU funded project X-OP- eXchange of art operators and producers in Abrantes, Tomar, Portugal
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