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Events in Poland for Theatre

    • 13 June 2019
      The puppet performance The Little Match Girl, produced by Mini Theatre, at the Valise Festival in Łomża, Poland
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    • 12 June 2019
      Devised theatre performance Sorry, produced by Via Negativa, at the International Performing Arts Festival A Part at Teatr Korez in Katowice, Poland
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    • 7 December 2018
      Hundred Toasts, a solo performance by Anita Wach, directed by Bojan Jablanovec and produced by Via Negativa, at the MAAT Festival at Cultural Centre in Lublin, Poland
    • 16 November to 18 November 2018
      Little Blue and Little Yellow, directed by Miha Golob and produced by the Maribor Puppet Theatre, at the Take Part in Art - International Theatre Festival for Early Years at Stara Prochownia in Warsaw, Poland
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    • 7 October 2018
      The multimedia performance Viktorija 2.0, produced by the Moment Arts and Culture Association, at the Puppet Is a Human Too Festival at Theatre Institute in Warsaw, Poland
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    • 4 October to 5 October 2018
      The premiere of the devised theatre performance Sorry, produced by Via Negativa, followed by artist talk with Anita Wach, at the Ciało/Umsł Festival at STUDIO teatrgaleria in Warsaw, Poland
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    • 21 June to 23 June 2018
      The Polish premiere of National Reconciliation: A Show for Tourists, a co-production of the Mladinsko Theatre and Komuna// Warszawa, at Komuna// Warszawa in Warszawa, Poland info
    • 10 October 2017
      Ich kann nicht anders by Beton Ltd. at the Konfrontacje Teatralne at Oratorium CK in Lublin, Poland
    • 17 June to 18 June 2017
      The Republic of Slovenia, produced by the Mladinsko Theatre and Maska Institute, My Name is Janez Janša, a film screening and the 350 Janez Janša Bottles project presentation, Bojana Kunst's lecture and book presentation (Artist at Work) and a concert by Laibach at the Malta Festival Poznań at Poznań International Fair MTP1 in Poznań, Poland
    • 9 December 2016
      Princess Dramas, produced by the Mladinsko Theatre at the Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival at Ludowy Theatre in Krakow, Poland
    • 25 September 2016
      Our Violence and Your Violence, produced by the Mladinsko Theatre, at the Festival of New Dramaturgies at Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz, Poland
    • 2 September 2016
      Andrej E. Skubic’s Pavla above the Precipice, produced by the Mladinsko Theatre, at the 12th Mountain Film Meetings at Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane, Poland
    • 15 June 2016
      The Ninth, produced by Via Negativa, at the International Performing Arts Festival A PART at Kinoteatr Rialto in Katowice, Poland
    • 9 June 2016
      Duck, Death and the Tulip, produced by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, at the 28th International Theatrical Festival Valise at Miejski Dom Kultury in Łomża, Poland
    • 26 May 2016
      The Iliad, produced by the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL) and Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre, at the International Theatre Festival Kontakt at Centrum Kulturalno- Kongresowe Jordanki in Torun, Poland
    • 18 May 2016
      Practical Advice for Well-Behaved Children, produced by the Maribor Puppet Theatre, at the 27th Międzynarodowy Festiwal Sztuki Lalkarskiej at Teatr Lalek Banialuka in Bielsko-Biała, Poland
    • 4 December to 10 December 2015
      Hundred Toasts for Dead Artist, a solo performance by Anita Wach (Via Negativa), at the Maat Festival at Centre for Culture in Lublin, Cricoteka in Krakow, Lublin, Poland
    • 22 November 2015
      Damned be the traitor of his homeland!, directed by Oliver Frljić and produced by Mladinsko Theatre, at Teatr Powszechny, Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Theatre in Warsaw, Poland
    • 10 February to 30 April 2015
      The touring exhibition "The history of Europe - told by its theatres", created as part of the European Route of Historic Theatres project, Slovenian Theatre Institute participating, at Teatr Narodowy in Warsaw, Poland
    • 26 May 2014
      25,671, produced by the Prešeren Theatre Kranj, at the 22nd International Theatre Festival Kontakt at Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy in Toruń, Poland
    • 9 February 2014
      The Taste of Silence Always Resonates by Irena Tomažin (Emanat Institute) at Grotowski Institute Wrocław in Wrocław, Poland
    • 19 October 2013
      When the mountain changed its clothing, a music theatre by Heiner Goebbels with Carmina Slovenica, at the International Festival Theatre Confrontations at Hala MTL in Lublin, Poland
    • 7 October 2013
      Show Your Face! by Betontanc and Umka.LV, produced by Bunker Institute, at the Theatre Confrontations Festival at Sala Widowiskowa Galerii Labirynt in Lublin, Poland
    • 12 June 2013
      When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw, produced by the Maribor Puppet Theatre at the International Festival Łomża at Łomża Theatre in Łomża, Poland
    • 13 June 2012
      The Wishing Table produced by Mini Theatre at the 25th International Theatre Festival Valise in Łomża, Poland
    • 8 May 2012
      Singer's As Schlemihl to Warsaw went puppetry performance directed by Jelena Sitar Cvetko, produced by Maribor Puppet Theatre at the Lalkarze przeszli przez Słupsk EUROFEST in Słupsk, Poland
    • 12 October to 13 October 2011
      Damned be the traitor of his homeland! by O. Frljić and actors, produced by Mladinsko Theatre at the 6th Dialog-Wrocław Festival at ATM Małe Studio in Wrocław, Poland
    • 6 October to 9 October 2011
      Miha Mazzini as a speaker at the C'est parti! session at IETM Autumn Plenary Meeting with Slovenian IETM members participation in Krakow, Poland
    • 23 September 2011
      Fake it! by Janez Janša produced by Exodos Institute and Maska Institute, at the 10th International Contemporary Dance Festival C/U at Teatr Studio im. St. I. Witkiewicza in Warsaw, Poland
    • 6 July to 28 July 2010
      Beyond Everydayness – Theatre Architecture in Central Europe, a 2010 touring exhibition (Budapest–Prague–Warsaw–Bratislava–Ljubljana) co-organised by the National Theatre Museum of Slovenia at Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland
    • 3 June 2010
      Sleeping Beauty produced by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre at the XXIII. International Puppet Festival Valise in Łomža, Poland
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