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Events in Sweden for Theatre

    • 12 October to 13 October 2018
      The puppet performance Snow White, produced by Mini Theatre, at Staffan Björklunds Teater in Kävlinge, Sweden
    • 28 October 2016
      A team of Maska Institute in residence, presents their production Back to the promised land, at Skogen in Göteborg, Sweden
    • 18 July to 19 July 2015
      Snow White, produced by Mini Theatre at the Pegasus International Puppet theatre Festival at Pegasus Trädgård in Kävlinge, Sweden
      programme organiser
    • 4 May to 17 May 2015
      Actor and dancer Primož Bezjak at Haninge – Turning Stockholm inside out in the framework of Corners project, Exodos Institute in Haninge, Sweden
    • 15 February to 16 February 2014
      Attention Moose! and Happy Bones by Teatro matita at Staffan Björklunds Teater in Kävlinge, Sweden
    • 15 November to 17 November 2013
      Reasons to be happy and How Jaromir Sought Happiness produced by Glej Theatre at Teater Sláva in Stockholm, Sweden
    • 23 February 2013
      A concert by Matija Solce (Teatro matita) and Sofija Hestagius and the play Happy Bones by Teatro matita at the Umefolk festival in Umeå, Sweden
    • 18 January to 22 January 2012
      Seizing of Time in Contemporary Performance", Blink artist-workshop with Bojana Kunst at Inter Arts Centre in Malmö, Sweden
    • 14 October to 15 October 2011
      Who's Next by Janez Janša, produced by Tanzquartier Dunaj and Maska Institute at Inkonst in Malmö, Sweden
    • 16 August to 20 August 2011
      The Invasion by KUD Ljud, co-organised by the Embassy of Slovenia in Sweden at the Stockholm Culture Festival in Stockholm, Sweden
      programme organiser
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