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Upcoming events worldwide for Visual arts

    • 24 April to 3 May 2020
      Valerie Wolf Gang presents the results of the residency under the title VANISHING ACT: body, space, identity at the Darmstadt Photography Days at Atelierhaus Ludwig-Engel-Weg 1 in Darmstadt, Germany
      programme organiser
    • 10 April to 17 April 2020
      The group exhibition A New Vision of Debris, produced by Photon Gallery, at the Budapest Photo Festival at Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest in Budapest, Hungary
      programme organiser
    • 13 March to 30 April 2020
      The solo exhibition Wow Wow I Ready Made by Goran Trbuljak (Photon Gallery) at Photon Gallery in Vienna, Austria organiser
    • 13 February to 26 April 2020
      Aksioma Institute presents Elisa Giardina Papa's work The Cleaning of Emotional Data in the frame of the group exhibition Algotaylorism, at La Kunsthalle in Mulhouse, France
      programme organiser
    • 31 January to 2 April 2020
      Impossible Machines, a solo exhibition by Meta Grgurevič, curated by Simona Vidmar (Maribor Art Gallery), at Künstlerhaus Graz in Graz, Austria
      programme organiser
    • 24 January to 5 May 2020
      The Fascination of Painting, an exhibition of works by Zoran Mušič, at City Gallery in Klagenfurt/Celovec, Austria
      programme organiser
    • 12 September 2019 to 29 March 2020
      Stripburger at the international exhibition of of current independent comics comiXconnection, supported by the Slovenian Book Agency and the Slovenian Cultural Centre in Berlin, at Museum of European Cultures in Berlin, Germany
    • 7 June 2019 to 26 April 2020
      Jasmina Cibic featured at the The ABC of Bauhaus , a comprehensive overview of Bauhaus' traces, ideas and legacies in the gallery's collection, at Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in Krefeld, Germany
      programme organiser
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