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description (text)
description in max 150 chars (the text comes as a caption under the image in the gallery of the article) - the title of the perf/exhib/concert in English, author, perhaps venue, producer, the year at the end - ! make internal links (Slovene authors + articles with right names)
subject (page)
the name of the article that is most related - usually the one who send the image
subject 2 (page)
the subject on the picture (person, organization, publication)
subject 3 (page)
in case of the 3rd subject on the picture
title (text)
the Slovene title of the event (concert, performance, exhibition)
artist (page)
author (writer, director or actor), band, etc
artist 2 (page)
the 2nd author or artist featured
artist 3 (page)
the 3rd author or artist featured
artist 4 (page)
the 3rd author or artist featured
artist 5 (page)
the 3rd author or artist featured
foto (page)
Full name of the Photographer
date (date)
the date when the photo was taken
location (page)
Location, city (where was this photo taken?)
project info
link to (full info on the theatre performance from the Repertoire)
film info
link to
related article
the name of the related article (producer, venue, etc) - featured in the gallery under that article
related article 2
the name of another related article - featured in the gallery under that article
identifier (text)
email(from where we got the File) + original name of the File (includes important information about the file) For example: (Unique identifier (for files that have one); Catalog number in the source)
source (page)
Source of file - the institution that contributed the file