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|subject             =
|date                =
|artist              =
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description rare, usually none. Example of description: Exodos 2010
subject (page)
mother article (person, organisation, publication...)
date (date)
when was the logo made?
Name and surname of designer.
Name of the design studio.
identifier (text)
who sent the logo: email:original name of the file.xxx Unique identifier (for files that have one); Catalog number in the source; For example: user@domain.com:file1.jpg
copyrights holder (text)
copy right owner - name of the article

This is a logo of an organization, item, or event, and is protected by copyright and possibly trademark. It is believed that the use of images on the Culture.si, hosted on servers in Slovenia by the non-profit Ljudmila, of logos for certain uses involving identification and critical commentary may qualify as fair use under copyright law. Any other uses of this image may be copyright infringement. Certain commercial use of this image may also be trademark infringement.

Property "Subject" (as page type) with input value "{{{subject}}}" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.