Maks Fabiani Foundation - Maks Fabiani portrait.JPG
Foto: MGML Documentation
A photo portrait of Maks Fabiani.
22 January 2021 07:26:29
Maks Fabiani Foundation 1907 Slovenski trg.tif
Foto: MGML Documentation
Postcard of the Slovenski trg, a Ljubljana square designed by Maks Fabiani, 1907.
22 January 2021 07:27:17
Maks Fabiani Foundation 2015 Good-bye Vienna, Hello Stanjel exhibition.JPG
The exhibition Good-bye Vienna, Hello Stanjel was held in Štanjel and Ljubljana (Museum of Architecture and Design) in 2004–2005. Today set at the Štanjel Castle, Maks Fabiani Foundation.
22 January 2021 07:24:51
Maks Fabiani Foundation 2011 Maks Fabiani exhibition at Stanjel Castle.JPG
The exhibition about Maks Fabiani at Štanjel Castle, where the archive is housed, 2011
22 January 2021 07:25:04
Glej Theatre 2014 Freedom Photo Uros Abram.jpg
Foto: Uroš Abram
Freedom based on Ivan Cankar's essay White Chrysanthemum, conceived and performed by Branko Jordan and Miha Golob. Produced by Glej Theatre, 2014.
17 January 2021 08:08:29
Kombinat Architects 2012 apartment renovation Ljubljana Photo Klemen Ilovar.jpg
Foto: Klemen Ilovar
Kombinat Architects, apartment renovation in Ljubljana, 2012
18 January 2021 08:44:50
France Bevk Public Library Nova Gorica 2011 panorama.JPG
Panoramic view of the France Bevk Public Library Nova Gorica, conceived by Vojteh Ravnikar (1998–2000).
17 January 2021 07:24:12
Jesenice Municipal Library 2012 childrens department.JPG
Jesenice Municipal Library, children's department, 2012
17 January 2021 08:43:07
Folk Museum Rogaska Slatina 2013 Corleone brajdovec penina Photo Foto Zorin.jpg
Foto: Foto Zorin / Janko Zorin & Vito Korbar
Corleone brajdovec penina, a sparkling wine produced in cooperation with the company Vina Mijošek. The money from the sales of it was given to the victims of the Železniki flood, Folk Museum Rogaška Slatina
17 January 2021 07:14:03
Kodeljevo Castle 2012 Codelli coat of arms Photo Anja Premk.jpg
Foto: Anja Premk
The Codelli family coat of arms on the well in front of the Kodeljevo Castle, 2012
18 January 2021 08:40:02
Laibach 2009 concert in Trbovlje Photo Miro Majcen.jpg
Foto: Miro Majcen
Laibach, concert in Trbovlje, 2009
19 January 2021 04:40:09
Kobarid Museum 2006 Kobarid Historical Trail.jpg
The Kobarid Historical Trail leads visitors to places in the surroundings of Kobarid where there are significant historical, cultural, and natural points of interest.
18 January 2021 08:26:35

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