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Read up on Slovenia's vibrant book fairs, readings and presentations of books by Slovenian and foreign authors. Make connections with literary publishers and discover their international activity.

Days of Poetry and Wine Festival

Poetry and Wine Festival - 09.jpgRumen Leonidov, Bulgarian author readings at the Days of Poetry and Wine Festival in Medana, 2009

The Days of Poetry and Wine Festival is a festival that hosts the younger generation of poets from all over the world. Up to 2009 it took place in Medana (a village in Goriška Brda next to the Italian border) during the last week in August, basically turning the village into the poetry capital of Europe for a week. In 2010 the 14th edition of the festival moves to Ptuj, a historical town of Roman origin in eastern Slovenia, one of regional partner cities of Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012. Since then the festival takes place in Ptuj. It is run by Beletrina Publishing Institute.

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Poetry and Wine Festival - 09.jpg

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