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Louis Adamič Memorial Room

Louis Adamic Memorial Room 2010 interior Photo Alenka Pirman.JPGThe Louis Adamič Memorial Room was established in 1956 by the Slovene Emigrant Association to commemorate his important literature contribution dealing with the social and political concerns of both his birthplace and his adopted country America

The Louis Adamič Memorial Room is housed in Praproče, the birthplace of Louis Adamič (1898–1951), a Slovene writer who spent most of his life in the USA after emigrating there in 1913 at the age of 14. Known in the United States as Adamic (a-dam'ik), his literature dealt with the social and political issues of both countries (for example, Dynamite, The Native's Return, The Eagle and the Roots).

The collections of Adamič's legacy are dispersed throughout various archives in Slovenia and the USA. The most important is the one at Princeton University (books from his own library, manuscripts and correspondence, clippings). In Slovenia, the memorial room is placed in the tower of the country mansion in Praproče, where Adamič spent his childhood.

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Louis Adamic Memorial Room 2010 interior Photo Alenka Pirman.JPG - Digital Library of Slovenia

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