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Zemljevid sveta

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Helena Pivec, Editor

Katja Kosi, Worldwide events Editor

Culture from Slovenia Worldwide 2021 infographic.pngOnline version (printscreen) of interactive Culture from Slovenia World Map, featuring events collected 2010-2021. collects information about upcoming cultural events and activities abroad, involving Slovene artists and researchers. The Culture from Slovenia interactive World Map is a unique source of information that offers a preview of future events around the world and a growing archive of international activity in the field of arts and culture.

Since 2010 we have published news about nearly 6550 events in 100 countries. Our archive of events can be filtered by year, country, and discipline. Search the events 2010–2021.

Collecting data

The collecting of data about Slovene events worldwide is a time-consuming detective task. Since 2013 our research has been more systematic: we have addressed our request to producers, organisers, cultural centres and agencies, most of Slovene embassies abroad have started to inform us regularly on the events. However, our archive of events does not offer a complete picture and cannot serve as statistical data. Please contribute information about events or reuse the events listings data.

Culture from Slovenia Worldwide poster

Culture from Slovenia World Map 2014 event map.jpgCulture from Slovenia Worldwide, the printed version of the world map with the 950 events in 2013.

In 2014 we published the world map poster "Culture from Slovenia Worldwide" featuring all of the cities round the world that hosted Slovene arts and culture events in 2013. In that year more than 950 events took place in 64 countries: 230 theatre performances, 210 concerts, 260 exhibitions of visual arts and new media, 150 film screenings, 110 literary events, 78 dance events, almost 47 events related to design or architecture, many of them interdisciplinary. Among all the events, 250 were co-organised or promoted by a network of Slovene embassies and consulates. The publication of the map was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The printed poster (68 x 98cm, designed by Ivian Kan Mujezinović, Grupa Ee) is available from Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory upon request. The poster was among the 210 selected entries shown at the Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications 2015 at the National Gallery of Slovenia.

The interactive map of events

The Ljudmila IT team has developed an online map of events. It allows for the filtering of events by year, country, and discipline (for example, by theatre, visual arts, film, design, music, cultural heritage, etc.). By clicking on the map, a list of events in a certain city pops up, with basic data about the event including date and venue plus a link to the host's web page.

"Culture from Slovenia World Map" is not a political map, the borders might be approximately accurate when enhanced.

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Zemljevid sveta +
Helena Pivec +
Katja Kosi +
Zemljevid sveta +
SI-1000 Ljubljana +
Editor +
Worldwide events Editor +
Metelkova 6 + collects information about upcoming cultural events and activities abroad, involving Slovene artists and researchers. + collects information about upcoming cultural events and activities abroad, involving Slovene artists and researchers. +
+386 / 1 426 9530 +
Ljubljana +
SI-1000 +
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